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Be wary of using the word cheap when looking for a
cost-efficient moving company. More often than not, cheap may not mean the same
to you as it does to the company you are hiring. The word cheap can have a lot
of different connotations attributed to it. For instance, buying something
worth more than its cost could be called cheap. When you go out with friends,
there is always that one friend who examines the bill with a magnifying glass
instead of just splitting it among everyone, and they are considered cheap.

Swapping out the word cheap with “inexpensive” or “low-priced” sounds a lot better than saying something is cheap.

The Moving Types

You will know from the minute you start giving your
information to the moving specialist on the other end of the phone if you are
talking to a good match for your moving needs. A lot of bigger-named companies
that specialize in moving will often start pushing services that you don’t
necessarily need from the very beginning. These added costs make it harder for
you to budget and efficiently move. You may become discouraged about the move
as a whole. 

Cheap movers often quote a price that sounds too good to be
true. Those movers are the ones that you read reviews about, and they have
robbed their clients. They may have even caused extensive damage to belongings
due to inexperience. Most cheap movers have not been in business long enough to
build a reputation or show that they have the experience needed for complicated

All American Movers take pride in the fact that they are a
different breed of moving company. Over 20 years of experience and a very
satisfied customer base shows that their prices are inexpensive yet reliable.
All American Movers  has been in the business long enough to recognize when
you may need extra services and offer them if your situation warrants them,
they will never be overly pushy when you call in for a quote. Never be afraid
to discuss your budget for moving with us while getting your quote.

Bigger Companies

At face-value, a lot of bigger companies come across as
being a cost-efficient solution, but in reality, their base prices are
cost-efficient. Once you use your coupon or mention their ad, these companies
may or may not offer to walk-through for an accurate quote. After finding out
your type of move, they will begin discussing all the possible amenities you
could add-on to your quote. Despite your budget, these companies like to make
you feel like you cannot move without these additional services. What was
affordable is now more expensive than you ever thought it could be.

Cheap Companies

If you look up “cheap movers” and read company reviews, you
are bound to see a lot of the same problems. Cheap movers are typically movers
who have not been in business long enough to build a strong clientele. They may
not even have a brand attached to their company. These are the companies you
need to use extreme caution with. 

From damaged items due to inexperience to the theft of
personal belongings, some reviews do not paint a great picture of some of these
moving companies. If you choose to move with a “cheap” company, make sure you
do your research before moving forward. 

Not all “cheap” companies are bad seeds. Some moving
companies are legitimately startups and trying to build a client base for
themselves. You can identify these companies by their attention to detail when
providing you a quote. They may even have specific specials to help boost their
business. Most of these startups will have real business cards and flyers
working their branding. 

All American Movers

If you are looking for a moving company that offers all of
the full-service moving options that the big companies provide at prices that
resemble a more inexpensive company, All American Movers has you covered.
After so many years in the moving industry, All American Movers  understand
what stress a move can place on a person and the budget implications of trying
to plan. That is why when we offer our services, we know what you are planning
to spend ahead of time, and we do our best not to breach that amount. We keep
prices competitive and affordable.

What Should You Look For In A Moving Company

There are specific attributes you should look for when you
are trying to find a moving company. Always look into the reviews of the
company before you blindly point at one in the yellow pages. Your personal
belongings mean a lot to you, and they should also mean a lot to your moving
specialists as well.

Get several quotes. That is the most significant piece of
advice you will find across the internet regarding moving companies. They often
say “pick the one in the middle”, referring to the price range. The middle
ground is often the most caring homegrown company in your area, like All American Movers. 

Your Move Done Right

Over 20 years ago, three college friends took their old
U-Haul truck and started a moving company. Since that day, All American Movers has evolved into multiple locations nationwide with experienced staff and
expedited services.


All American Movers offer some of the industries lowest
prices without compromising the core values and expectations for customer
service. You don’t have to sacrifice excellent service for a lower price, and
we know that. Let our moving experts thoroughly inspect your moving needs and
offer you the best price and the highest quality services.

When you choose All American Movers  for your moving needs,
not only do you get a fair price, but you get fast service, free quotes, and
reliable service. We consider you family from the moment you dial our number
until well after your move is completed. You never have to worry about the
service you will receive when you choose the experts for your moving needs.


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