Moving to another state means opening an exciting new chapter in your life. But preparing for a state-to-state move can be incredibly stressful. As your moving date approaches, you need to partner with a company you can trust to handle every detail with integrity and total professionalism. And that’s precisely where we come in. At All American Movers in Denver, CO, we offer reliable and affordable interstate moving services designed to make your life easy and worry-free.


At All American Movers, we believe that communication is the key to a successful long distance or state to state move. When you work with us, you can expect nothing less than attentive, personalized service from every member of our team. And because we know that preparing for a move can be daunting, we go the extra mile to create a hassle-free moving experience for each and every one of our customers.

A safe, worry-free move is just a phone call away. Contact our office today to learn more about our interstate moving services and to schedule an estimate.

What Counts as a Long-Distance Move?

The actual “distance” of your move isn’t much of a concern. Moving companies define long-distance moves as crossing borders. As a moving company, we tend to deal with three distinct types of moves:

·         Local Moves: These moves typically occur in a single contained metro area.

·         Intrastate Moves: With these moves, clients go from one part of a state to another region without crossing any state borders.


·         Long-Distance Moves: Clients involved in long-distance moves typically cross multiple states or even international borders to get to their destination.

We’ve had clients refer to long-distance moves as cross-country or interstate moves. All of these mean more or less the same thing.

Long-distance moves are unique because crossing any state or federal line typically requires special authority, including insurance documents. These regulations were designed to protect individuals, and we abide by all the rules and regulations outlined in the law.


In the moving world, you might find many smaller companies that claim to be able to do what we do, but often these competitors don’t have what it takes for long-distance moving. Unregulated or “rogue” movers may end up holding your property hostage. Don’t gamble with your stuff. Hire a team of experts that have years of experience in transportation and logistics.

Types of Long-Distance Moves

While some moves are local, some cross state or even international borders. Among the most typical long-distance moves that All American Movers covers are:

·         Small Moves: If you only have a few items to get to your destination, All American Movers can plan a small move for you. Check out our small-move services and request a quote now!

·         Residential Moves: Residential moving services over a long distance requires skilled logistics. At All American Movers, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your residential needs get to your destination quickly and safely.

·         International Moves: If you’re leaving the country, All American Movers can help get your stuff to over 150 different countries in the world. We customize a moving plan to suit your budget.

·         Corporate Relocation: We deal with all types of corporate moves, from employees looking for a company to help them relocate to managers who are trying to ease the transition for their transferees. We aim to give clients a seamless, professional service every time.

The All American Movers Promise

Moving can be a stressful exercise, but you don’t have to spend all your time worrying about whether you’ll get all your stuff to your new place. Hiring a professional team like All American Movers gives you access to a team of experts that deal with the packing, carrying, and logistics of your move.


We’re a full-service moving company that’s dedicated to customer service in all aspects. We’ll pack, load, unload, unpack, and deliver your stuff without you having to get involved. We utilize the main transport arteries to provide our services across the United States and beyond. You’ll always be sure that you’re getting a company that prioritizes the safety and security of your goods, allowing you peace of mind that others simply can’t give.

The Cost of a Long Distance Mover

Long-distance moves are as varied as they are numerous. Each move’s demands are unique, and we offer our quotes based on what your move will require. We take several factors into account before providing a quote on your move, always keeping your budget in mind. The volume or weight of the packages, distance to be moved, and additional services requested all factor into the final quote.

If you’d like to find out what the potential cost of your move will be, fill out our quote form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

At All American Movers, we try to balance affordability with top-notch service. You’re paying for professional moving services, packing, unpacking, and the security that we’re known for.

Choosing the Right Long-Distance Movers

As we mentioned before, long-distance moves typically mean moving across state or international borders. The authorization for these kinds of moves is best left to companies with the skill and experience in doing so. Hiring a smaller company, even one you trust, for such a move will lead to complications as they attempt to negotiate cross-border tules and regulations. All American is a company that has been involved in cross-border and interstate moves for years and already has a dedicated transit network for easy movement from state to state and over a hundred and fifty international countries. Regardless of if you’re moving within the continental US or ranging further afield, All American Movers has you covered.

If you intend to cross borders with your move, we recommend choosing a professional company for a few reasons:

·         Logistics: Companies that operate cross-country networks already have licenses and other authorization to cross borders, making it much more cost-effective to use their services. There’s less chance of your stuff getting caught up or impounded for improper licensing.

·         Professionalism: Choosing a professional moving company gives you the advantage of having skilled professionals handling your move. There’s less chance of your home items being broken or misplaced in the move, so you can rest easy knowing that all your stuff will get to its destination in one piece.


·         Security: Unlike “rogue” companies, professional movers have a code of conduct regarding clients’ property. We ensure that anything loaded onto our vehicles for a long-distance move remains safe and secure, coming out in the same condition it went in.

The Long-Distance Move Plan

Setting out for a long-distance move isn’t like any other short moves you might have done in the past. Planning is essential in ensuring that you remember what needs to be remembered. Since your original location is likely hours or even days’ drive away, you need to ensure that you work out the logistics the first time around. Here are a few things you should prioritize for your long-distance move:

  • Destination List: When you set foot in your new location, you might start feeling overwhelmed with all the things you need to get done. Having a list of items and procedures will keep you on track to unpacking and setting your things up in an orderly fashion.
  • Checklist for Moving In: When you’re moving in, you’re likely to overlook a few things, and having a checklist handy will help you to figure that out. Anything that you think you may miss on your moving day itself should make up this list.
  • Packing Checklist: Do you have all the stuff from your house packed and ready to go? Are you sure? It would be best to make an inventory of all your items, breaking them down by category. When you’re packing stuff into boxes and loading them up, this will help you to ensure that nothing gets left behind.
  • First Night Box: When you move into your new location, you might not have the time or the energy to unpack everything all at once. All American recommends setting up a first night box that contains all the essentials you’ll need for the very first night at your new place.
  • Pack Separately List: Everyone has memorabilia or other sensitive items that need to be kept separate from other things. You should develop a list of those items that are irreplaceable or carry significant sentimental value and have them packed separately. Packing materials like foam or bubble-wrap might help to keep these items safe.

Why All American Recommends Extensive Planning

Unlike local moves, where everything happens in a specific small area, you can quickly get stuff that’s left behind in a single trip. For long-distance moves, the consequences of poor planning are more extensive. You may not be able to recover your stuff for weeks, and you may need to make a trip back just to pick it up. Comprehensive planning helps to make sure that nothing is left behind during your packing. If you’re utilizing our packing services, we can ensure that everything you outline on your list ends up on the truck, ready to be transported to your destination. Once it gets loaded up, you can tick it off your list and have peace of mind. You can be sure that it’ll get to where you’re going.

Extensive planning also has the benefit of making it easier for you to unpack your items and find exactly what you’re looking for. When you get to a new place, unpacking might happen in a week, or it may take a much longer time. Having our boxes and packages planned can help you to figure out what is located where. This convenience can be crucial to finding a specific item that you know you packed, but you just can’t seem to locate.

All American Movers is dedicated to offering a service that takes your needs into account. Our services are designed to be easy for you to use and come with the guarantee that you’ll get professional service each and every time. Contact us today to find out more or fill out our quote form to find out how much it’ll cost for your cross-country move.

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