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Affordable and Reliable American Relocation Services

Like most individuals planning to relocate across town, across their state, or across the US, you’ll probably use Google to research several moving companies before choosing an American relocation service.  No doubt you will wind up with a number of quotes from All American Movers and our competitors.  This can be somewhat challenging and even a little frustrating, although it doesn’t have to be.  However, what appears to be a relocation service or moving company may be a broker instead.

What is a moving or relocation broker?

A moving broker or relocation broker is an individual or middleman between a moving company and you.  They don’t own any moving equipment or trucks, nor do they have a staff of moving professionals or specialists that work for them.  Basically, they get paid to help you locate an American relocation service or moving company by acting as a member of their sales force.  While it may seem like a good thing to have an individual getting estimates for you, they rarely have all the facts that will enable you to choose the right moving company.

How do moving brokers differ from moving companies?

Moving companies are the actual entities help you in the relocation process by moving your household belongings to your new location.  They have moving equipment and trucks as well as a professional staff.  When you speak with our All American Movers company representative, you’ll get an estimate or quote that is much more accurate than what you’ll get from a moving or relocation broker.

This is primarily due to the hands-on experience and expertise that they have garnered over their years in business and the moving industry.  Unlike a moving or relocation broker, the moving company can be held accountable for any damage that occurs as well as anything else that goes wrong during the move.  Consequently, an American relocation service or moving company is more likely to handle things properly during the relocation process. And if you are contemplating selecting a company soon, why don’t you call us and let us help you formulate a plan while offering a FREE, no obligation quote? Working with us, will make your relocation a breeze.

What are the disadvantages of using a moving or relocation broker?

Unlike using All American Movers, the biggest problem with using a moving broker is that once they have your money, they’re done with the equation and everything rests in the hands of a 3rd party mover.  For many individuals, that is where the nightmare moving story begins.  There are several disadvantages of using a moving or relocation broker as follows:

  • The mover they hire may be uninsured and unlicensed
  • There may be additional fees if the moving company didn’t get all the right information from the broker
  • They may give you an incorrect estimate of the moving costs and then you get charged more by the moving company
  • They may have difficulties locating a mover to help you and not inform you of it
  • They may lead you to believe they’ve booked a moving company when in reality, they haven’t (unfortunately, you may not find this out until moving day when you have all of your belongings ready to load on the truck)
  • They might not be able to give you the correct answers to your questions or the right information due to their lack of industry experience and expertise
  • They’ll only search in their mover network and may neglect or overlook better moving options or solutions.

What are the benefits of entrusting your belongings to an American relocation service or moving company?

At All American Movers, our full-time professionals handle everything in-house.  They are all fully bonded, insured, and licensed.  Furthermore, each one of them has been trained in all facets of moving your furniture and other belongings.  We also have them undergo a background check and each one of them is required to pass a drug test in order to be employed by our company.  Most importantly, we handle your furniture and other belongings with the utmost care as if it were our own possessions. You can be sure that all your boxes will be handled with care, irrespective of the weight and size.

As your relocation specialists, we recommend avoiding the use of any moving broker, no matter how good that option may appear.  The relocation process is stressful enough and the last thing you need is getting bombarded with telemarketing calls from other moving brokers that bought your information from a website that you got a quote from.  To learn more about the difference between an American relocation service and a moving or relocation broker, contact All American Movers today. Our business representatives will be happy to assist you with all the queries you have.