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At All American Movers, we are the trusted name in commercial relocations and office moving.  Whether you have a small or mid-sized company, or one of the Fortune 500 corporations, we are one of the top-rated office moving companies in Denver.  As a leader in the commercial relocation and office moving industry, we have a highly experienced and trained staff of professionals to assist you throughout the entire process.  When you entrust your relocation needs to our company, we’ll provide the best commercial moving services at the most competitive rates in today’s market.

How do commercial mover differ from residential move?

While the concept of commercial and residential moving has some similarities, the two are very different from one another.  Understanding the differences will enable you to minimize your stress and be better prepared for moving day.  The key difference between these two types of moves is that they both require different types of packing and a range of services to streamline the transition process.  Here is how they compare:

  • Commercial moves can range from local small business moves to large corporate relocations.  In most cases, commercial moves are more complicated and require experienced, knowledgeable personnel at office moving companies in Denver who’ve been thoroughly trained in all facets of commercial relocations.  These moves must be precise and quick in order to minimize downtime and the loss of productivity.
  • Residential moves – moving an apartment, condo, or home is a relatively simple process compared to moving a business.  You pack your belongings, hire a moving company to load them and your furniture onto their truck, take it all to your new home, and then unpack everything.  The only concern you have is seeing that your belongings have arrived in good condition.

In addition to these differences, commercial moves usually involve transporting a large amount of electronics equipment and sensitive materials.  Remember, when it comes to moving your home or office, you want to choose a moving company that is experienced and reliable – a company like All American Movers.

Why do commercial moves require more planning?

Without a doubt, commercial moves require considerably more planning and logistics than moving a family and their household.  The key difference is that business owners must schedule a moving day that involves the least amount of disruption to their daily operations.  Here is a list of helpful tips that most office moving companies in Denver recommend when planning an office relocation:

  • Develop a moving plan at least 6 months in advance if you know that relocating your office is imminent.
  • Choose an individual to serve as the “in-office relocation coordinator.”
  • Pick an office moving team that will work with the in-office relocation coordinator.
  • Create a timeline for each phase of the move.
  • Establish a relocation budget.
  • Design the layout of your new office based on the property’s existing floor plan and an inventory of your equipment and furniture.
  • Research several office moving companies in Denver and solicit bid quotes from each.
  • Notify all existing service providers of your relocation plan and give them your change of address and the effective date of your new location.
  • Notify all clients or customers about the move.

Remember that the key to a successful office move is in the planning.  The last thing you want is to not be properly prepared when moving day arrives.

How much will it cost to move your business?

It stands to reason that moving an office and relocating your business is going to cost significantly more that moving a household.  Most of that expense is attributed to the added costs of special handling and moving a considerable amount of weight that is derived from office equipment and furniture.  When moving an office, you’ll have to consider the costs of your new location, outsourcing moving help, and the potential cost of new equipment and furniture.

The primary factors that influence the cost of a business relocation in Denver include the distance of the move, the total weight of all office equipment and furniture, moving labor, packing supplies, and time of year.  Statistics have shown that the average moving cost of a 3,000 sq. ft. office can range from $1,500 up to $9,000 while the average cost of moving a 10,000 sq. ft. office will range from $5,000 to as much as $30,000.

We have been in this business for decades and understand the nuances of the industry well. Additionally, we have a strong team of packers and movers with experience at relocating office and homes all over the country and overseas. Thus, if you are trying to grasp how to complete this mammoth task, we are right by your side and we can walk you through the whole process. For more information on business relocations and office moving companies in Denver, contact All American Movers today