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Moving and Relocation Services in Raleigh, NC

Whether you’re moving your home or office across town, into the city from a nearby area, or are relocating out of the area to another state, the All American Movers in Raleigh, NC are moving and relocation specialists and are here to help.  As one of the eastern seaboard’s premier moving companies, All American Movers has years of combined experience and expertise when it comes to minimizing the stress and worry of moving. 

In addition to being the Research Triangle (Raleigh-Chapel Hill-Durham) area’s moving experts, we are very familiar with most areas of the state.  It’s no secret that any kind of move is never a fun experience.  We are committed to exceeding the expectations of the customer, but more importantly, we constantly strive to maintain the standards of the moving and relocation industry.

When should you consider hiring professional movers?

When it comes to moving any distance, you need to first decide if you want to do the move yourself with the help of some family members and friends, or hire the skilled professional movers at All American Movers in Raleigh, NC.  Here are 10 of the best reasons to consider hiring our moving specialists:

  • WE are cost-effective and efficient
  • WE are experienced, knowledgeable movers
  • WE are prompt and professional
  • WE are reliable
  • WE can take an inventory of all your belongings
  • WE do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to
  • WE ensure a no-hassle, pleasant moving experience
  • WE hold ourselves accountable for your belongings
  • WE keep your furniture and other belongings safe and secure in transit
  • WE provide peace of mind

Not to brag, but hiring All American Movers will make your life a lot easier when you consider everything that we take care of.  Although a DIY move will save you money, it requires a lot more planning, not to mention how physically and mentally demanding it is.  If you want to alleviate your stress and save your back in the process, let the All American Movers team in Raleigh, NC shoulder the burden for you. We ensure that you are not hassled by the multitude of activities that are needed.

What moving services do we provide?

Since establishing our business, we have dedicated our business to providing the most extensive line of commercial and residential moving services at the most competitive rates in the industry.  We are a full-service moving company that focuses on providing superior service and exceeding the customer’s expectations.  As your experienced and knowledgeable relocation partner, the All American Movers in Raleigh, NC team can provide the following services:

  • Packing your belongings (including special care and handling of antiques, collectibles, and other valuable items)
  • Disassembling your bulky and heavier furniture pieces
  • Loading your items onto our truck
  • Transporting your items to your new location
  • Unloading your belongings
  • Helping you with the unpacking
  • Re-assembling your furniture items
  • Disposing of all packing materials and trash

All American Movers will supply all boxes, moving blankets, and packing materials at your request.  Our job is to shoulder the physical burden of moving; you job is to relax once all the packing is done and watch us do the work.

What steps should you take to ensure that you’re ready for the movers on moving day?

Although you can’t beat the convenience that the All American Movers in Raleigh, NC provides, there are certain tasks that you have to take care of in order to be prepared for moving day.  Before you start packing, decide what items you want to get rid of.  Make a checklist of everything that you want the movers to transport to your new location.  Be sure to designate what items are going on the truck and what items you are taking with you. It is best to make two lists and give one to the movers and keep one with you.

Prepare your home so the movers don’t have a difficult time taking your larger, more cumbersome items out to the truck.  Items that are too large to fit through doorways and hallways should be disassembled or you can pay for the movers to do that for you.  Pick up all throw rugs and any other items that pose a tripping risk for the movers.  Make sure that your children and pets are not in harm’s way while the movers are going in and out of your home. Although our crew takes care that there is no harm while moving, but it helps to be careful during such times.

For more information about our All American Movers in Raleigh, NC services or to make an appointment for an estimate, call All American Movers today. Call us today and let us help you relocate without any stress.