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Professional Relocation Services for moving to Colorado from the UK

There’s a lot to be said about moving to Colorado from the UK, especially the “how” and the “why” behind it.  A DIY move of this nature is simply out of the question as there is far too much to that an inexperienced individual knows how to deal with.  All American Movers has the experience and knowledge when it comes to dealing with international moving and relocation tasks.

Why do people move from the United Kingdom to the United States?

Whether you’re moving to Colorado from the UK or to any other US state, we’re certain there’s a good reason behind your decision.  We’ve learned through years of experience in the moving industry the different reasons why people move to the US from the UK.  Those reasons include:

  • Acquiring more living space
  • Finding employment, starting a new career, or transferring job locations
  • Getting away from family
  • Going overseas to get an education
  • Living out their retirement years
  • Needing a change of climate
  • Traveling while on sabbatical
  • They want to move back to their home soil

Although the complexities of moving to Colorado from the UK are definitely challenging, All American Movers will help every step of the way in order to ensure an efficient and pleasant relocation experience.

What are the primary reasons people move from the UK to Colorado and other states?

The inscription on the Statue of Liberty reads “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  It’s all about making a new life in the US.  But you have to get there first.  The following are the 5 primary reasons why people move here from the UK:

  • If you were born in the US, welcome home!
  • The diversity of people is amazing.
  • You have numerous opportunities to pursue your dreams of a better career and lifestyle if those are your priorities.
  • You have the world on your doorstep, or in other words, you have a choice of climates, cultures, and landscapes to choose from.
  • You’ll get more living space for the money invested.

As your relocation partner, All American Movers has the experience and expertise required to assist with international relocations no matter how complex or large your move may be.

How does relocating internationally differ from moving domestically?

If you’re planning on moving to Colorado from the UK, the relocation process can be extremely challenging and frustrating if you try to attempt it without the help of the professionals at All American Movers.  The main considerations when moving from the UK to the US are planning and preparation.  There is a great deal more of this required when moving overseas compared to moving domestically.  Here are some of the key differences between international and domestic moves to be aware of:

Advanced planning is a must – unlike moving domestically, an international move involves much more planning and preparation.  So, it’s important to start on this well in advance of your proposed moving date

Customs regulations – customs papers and passports aren’t required when moving domestically.  However, when moving internationally, you’ll need to have a passport, proof of international relocation, and a detailed value inventory of everything that you’re shipping to the US.

Organization – naturally, organizing is a part of domestic and international moves alike.  It just takes more time when moving across the ocean to the US.  By organizing and reducing the items you want to move with you, it will make things considerably easier.

How much does moving to Colorado from the UK cost?

There are a lot of other factors that All American Movers takes into consideration with international moves compared to moving domestically. From intensive documentation to assistance with packing, adherence to international protocols, we take into consideration each aspect of the move to ensure there is least hassle to you. In addition to the standard factors of distance, labor, size of shipment, and time of year, other factors taken into consideration include:

  • Accommodation and traveling costs
  • Customs duty charges
  • Moving insurance
  • Overseas shipping costs (household items and vehicles)
  • Storage costs (if required)

Based on statistical data from other moving companies, it will cost up to $9,400 to ship a 1 bedroom home up to $14,000 when shipping a home of 5 or more bedrooms. To get a custom quote on your move, you can get an in-house evaluation done by our staff and we’ll provide you with a written quotation. It will help you plan and budget your move better. 

If you have any additional questions or if you want to learn more about moving to Colorado from the UK, contact All American Movers at your earliest convenience. Our business representatives are available to assist you with your moving requirements. Call us today.