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Michigan to Colorado Long-Distance Moving Solutions

Moving from Michigan to Colorado (or any other state for that matter) can either be a difficult task or an interesting adventure depending on how you choose to move.  With the help of All American Movers, relocating to Colorado can turn out to be a pleasant stress-free experience based on the moving services you require.  Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we have the resources to assist you in making a smooth transition to your new location.  Believe it or not, in the long-run, hiring professional movers is often more affordable than a DIY move.

Why do Michigan residents move out of state?

Statistics show that more individuals were leaving Michigan than were moving there.  Oddly enough, the reasons that people were moving from Michigan to Colorado were the same reasons for moving to Michigan.  Statistics show that the 5 primary reasons behind the migration out of Michigan included:

  • employment transfer or looking for a job
  • family members falling ill
  • pursuing a healthier lifestyle
  • retirement
  • other personal reasons

Relocation isn’t easy irrespective of where you are moving from and when. However, it helps to have professionals to shoulder the responsibility of the move. And that is where we step in.

Thus, if you’ve decided to move to Colorado from Michigan or are already planning such a move, the specialists at All American Movers are only a phone call away. We work with dedication and ensure that everything is charted out properly before implementation.

What is enticing people to move to Colorado?

As one of the fastest growing US states during the past 10 years, Colorado has been attracting newcomers from Michigan and other states for a number of different reasons.  The abundance of outdoor activities, healthy lifestyles, progressive policies, and unparalleled natural beauty make this state irresistible to many people.  If you’re still not sure whether moving from Michigan to Colorado is right for you, maybe the following 8 factors will convince you otherwise:

  • As a tax-friendly state Colorado has the lowest sales tax in the US and the 3rd lowest property taxes overall.
  • Colorado has the 3rd healthiest economy, the 5th strongest economy, and the 9th highest level of economic activity in the US.
  • Colorado offers its residents a wealth of outdoor activities.
  • Few states offer the stunning natural beauty that Colorado does.
  • If you’ve wanted to live a healthier lifestyle, this is the place to be.
  • The state is the home to 5 professional sports franchises (baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer)
  • You have a choice of great cities to live in such as Aurora, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland.
  • You’ll be living like you’re on vacation when moving from Michigan to Colorado.

Judging from the above factors, it should be easy to see why so many individuals pick Colorado as their desired relocation destination.  If you’re ready to leave Illinois for the Centennial State, why not let All American Movers give you a FREE in-home estimate of the costs involved? Not only are we conversant with all aspects of inter-state moving, but we take care of your possessions as our own.  

What is the average cost of a long-distance move to Colorado?

When moving from Michigan to Colorado, there are several factors to consider when estimating the cost of this move including distance, moving services required, number of movers needed, size of your home, and time of year.  The estimated cost of a long-distance move is roughly $5,000 based on 1,225 miles distance and an average shipment weight of 7,500 pounds.  (Example:  the distance from Detroit to Denver is 1,268 miles.)

Taking the above factors and national averages, you’ll be looking at the following costs when moving from Michigan to Colorado with All American Movers:

Number of BedroomsMoving Estimate
1$1610 to $1970
2$1930 to $2360
3$2270 to $2780
4$2640 to $3230
5+$3040 to $3710

This should give you an idea of the cost that you’d be looking at.  Just keep in mind that these are based national averages and the specific factors that can influence the cost of your move to Colorado from Illinois.  To ensure getting a more accurate amount, call us and have a relocation specialist do a FREE in-home estimate of your moving costs.  Or visit our website and press the “Get Quote” button to get an estimate on the move. We are one of the most affordable, and trusted movers in the city so we can work within your budget. 

In any event, our team of moving and relocation specialists is ready to help when you’re planning on moving from Michigan to Colorado.  To learn more or to schedule your FREE in-home moving estimate, contact All American Movers today. Call us today!