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Looking For A Small Moving Company?

Planning on moving into a new flat by yourself? Or a new office? Finding it hard to come up with a moving company that suits your needs?

Don’t worry, and this article is for you. Keep reading as we sort out all the information that you will need.

What is a small move?

A small move is defined as any transit below 2000kgs. Moving into a studio flat or a new office comes into this category. Shipping appliances, large furniture pieces, or an assortment of extension utilities are considered small moves.

Why don’t a lot of companies agree to small moves?

Most moving companies for small move are reluctant to take up orders for small shifting. They see it as not worth the effort or trouble. Moving a couple of boxes, a few pieces of furniture, and so on shouldn’t be that difficult to undertake. But it isn’t easy all the same.

Finding a company that is willing to undertake your small move is difficult but not impossible. 

How much does it cost?

Small moves, despite being relatively simpler than large full-house moves, still have expenses to be covered. The rate depends on whether your move is a short distance or a long distance. For shorter distances, it will cost somewhere between $200-$700. This again depends on the route taken, the items being transported, and the moving companies rate per mile. 

Long distances will cost more, close to $1000. It depends on the route as well, and a well-travelled road will cost you lesser.

Choose a company with a history of delivering to the new area, since the costs and rates will lower.

What should I look for?

When choosing a company, make sure you keep in mind the following factors:

  • Customer reviews 

If they have a webpage, read the reviews, and see whether they are punctual and professional in their work. 

  • Packing beforehand

Some companies offer pre-transit services such as packing your items for you, especially furniture pieces. Search for companies that offer such services.

  • Request rates

Before deciding, ask their agent for an approximate quote. This will give you an idea about their rate. Compare with other companies, and choose the best one. 

  • Check weight

Weigh your items before you give the order for moving. This will reduce the chances of mistakes or bureaucratic issues. 

Small moves are not that big of a hassle, but finding a company to undertake one for you can be difficult. We recommend All American Moving Company as the go-to site for you. They undertake residential moving services, corporate moving services, interstate moving services in Denver as well as small moves. They are a reputable company, with years of experience in the mover’s business. Fill out their request form for a quote from them, and if their services are acceptable to you, go ahead and hire them. We recommend that you hire a mover company a minimum of 2 weeks before your planned moving date. This is to make sure that there is no mix-up or last-minute scramble for dates.