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Top 10 Tips On Packing For A Move

While shifting to a new place, one of the most crucial aspects of moving is packing. Packing your belongings correctly can reduce the hassle of unpacking in the new house. How to pack for a move is very important to know.

Here are some packing tips that you will surely find useful:

  • Start early

Packing can be started days, weeks, or even months before you have to move. The earlier, the better. You can start with non-essential items like pottery, china, vases, and so on. Packing fragile items takes longer, so start with those first. 

  • Pack like items

Put similar things in the same box. This makes it easier when you are unpacking in the new house. For example, put all the blankets and bedspread items in one box, kitchen utensils together in another.

  • Labelling

Another method to reduce the stress of unpacking is labeling. It makes it easier to figure out what items are in which box, and it also helps when you are loading boxes into your car or moving van. Boxes with fragile items can be placed on top and heavy loads at the bottom. 

  • No unnecessary packing

Once we start clearing out shelves for packing, we come across many items that we’ve stuffed into them. These items might not be useful anymore, so it’s best not to go through the work of packing these. 

  • Make a list

The easiest way to make sure you don’t lose track? 

Make a packing list. List down all the essential items that you need to pack. This will streamline your load. 

  • One room at a time 

It is always best to start and finish up with one room before moving to the next. Going room by room saves energy and time as you won’t have to go back and forth if you try to pack it all at once. Check all your closets and shelves to make sure you don’t leave anything behind. 

  • Don’t fill up completely.

Try not to fill boxes to the brim. It makes it easier to transport them around and reduces the chances of the box breaking or somebody dropping it because it was too heavy. 

  • Get all your packing gear ready.

Packing gear would include boxes, tape, rope, and bubble wrap. Get all these items ready before you start packing. If you don’t have enough, buy these before you begin. 

  • Small items together

Keep all the smaller-sized items together in a bag before you put them in a box. This ensures that they don’t get damaged in transit. 

  • Keep liquids safe

If you’re packing oil or soap, cover them properly with tape. Seal them in a plastic bag first before you put them in your box so that they don’t make a mess in the end. 

Packing for a move can be a messy business. But done right, it is a smooth process that makes shifting to a new place easier. For stress-free shifting, we recommend you start packing as early as you can. If need be, hire a moving company