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Denver Movers By The Hour

No matter where you are moving in the Denver area, you’ll probably need to consider whether or not you want to DIY the move or hiring All American Movers to do the work for you.  As the premier moving company in the western U.S, we can assist you in moving across town, across the state, or across the country.  Our company provides an extensive range of moving services for business owners and homeowners alike and is committed to ensuring that you have the best possible moving experience.

How much do movers’ cost in Denver?

There are a number of factors that All American Movers take into consideration when calculating the cost of Denver movers by-the-hour.  The primary factors that influence the cost of moving includes:

  • distance of the move
  • fuel costs and other travel fees
  • insurance, liability, and valuation
  • moving services required
  • size and weight of your shipment
  • time of year

The average cost of Denver movers by-the-hour will vary from $75 to $125.  However, that figure can change depending on how many hours the movers work, the size of your home, and whether you’ve hired a regular moving company or a full-service mover like All American Movers.

When moving locally, All American Movers typically calculates the cost of the move by the hour or day.  The moving distance and weight of the shipment are usually taken into account when moving long-distance.  In the case of moving a 1-bedroom apartment, it usually requires 2 movers at a cost of $50 per hour, per mover maximum.

What is more cost-effective when moving – a flat rate or an hourly rate?

Another key issue to consider is what type of moving rate will save you money – a flat rate or an hourly rate.  As the potential customer, you should be concerned with getting the most “bang for your buck.”  The issue of choosing between a flat rate and an hourly rate usually comes down to two factors – the distance you’re moving and the size of your household.  When you’re considering an intrastate or local move, the cost of Denver movers by-the-hour or the hourly rate will be more cost-effective.  On the other hand, a flat rate is the best choice when moving long-distance.

When is the best time to move cost-wise?

If you have the flexibility or option of choosing when to move, you’ll be interested to know that you may be able to save some by taking the following into account – the season or time of the year and the day of the week that you move.  The fall and winter months are considered the non-peak season in the moving industry.  Thus, it will save you money if you can plan your move during the months of October through April.  Additionally, the best days of the week to move are Sunday and Monday. If you have a specific schedule to adhere to or a date when you need to move, let us know and we’ll send you a written quote depending upon your requirements.

How many movers will you need?

Another factor that will influence the cost of your move is the actual number of movers needed for the job and how many hours they’re needed.  Generally speaking, All American Movers and other moving companies give you the option of having 2 to 4 movers (more if they have the available staff to spare) and the amount of time you’re going to need them.

Keep in mind that most moving companies have a standard minimum of 2 movers per 2 hours.  Here are some examples based on the average cost per mover per hour:

  • 2 movers will cost $155 for 2 hours, $216 for 3 hours, and $274 for 4 hours
  • 3 movers will cost $235 for 2 hours, $254 for 3 hours, and $394 for 4 hours
  • 4 movers will cost $269 for 2 hours, $337 for 3 hours, and $479 for 4 hours

Remember that these are average costs and could vary depending on the factors above.  Now that you have an idea of the cost of Denver movers by-the-hour, the actual number of movers that you’ll need and the amount of time you need them will depend on the following factors:

  • the amount of time you have to complete your move
  • the distance from your door to the moving truck
  • the number of stairs (if applicable)
  • the size of your household and number of belongings or possessions

Irrespective of your new location, when you move in or out of Denver, we’ll be there to assist you with each aspect of the move or the services that you need. As one of the most affordable movers in the city, we’ll fit within your budget. For additional information regarding the cost of Denver movers by-the-hour, contact All American Movers today.