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Does U-Haul Have Movers?

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Most individuals that have ever rented a moving truck or trailer are familiar the brand name “U-Haul.”  The company was established in 1945 in a Ridgefield, Washington garage and has expanded into the franchising giant that it is today.  Most people know about their truck and trailer rental services, and that they offer an extensive inventory of boxes and packing supplies.  However, many of you may not realize that they provide labor, known as “Moving Help®”, to help you with the moving process.

What is Moving Help®?

This is a cost-effective U-Haul service that connects people with a network of local area movers who will assist with several moving tasks.  This includes packing and loading your household items as well as unloading and unpacking them at your new location.  They can even provide cleaning services so your home or apartment is ready for the next occupants.  You have the option of searching for local moving help based on experience, lowest cost, and overall performance. This is a vital service for those moving to a completely new city and have to start from scratch.

Furthermore, Moving Help® services can be customized to meet your specific moving demands by enabling you to choose the crew size, hours they are needed, and the services you require.  Simply search for the help you need and get a quote of the cost instantly.  Then schedule them as needed, book their services online, and pay them once the job is completed and you are 100% satisfied with the services they have provided.  There’s no cancellation or rescheduling fees to worry about either. Thus, it is a cost effective and useful service that you may want to opt for.

How much does Moving Help® cost?

U-Haul offers Moving Help® services at an hourly rate through its online marketplace in nearly 1,800 cities throughout the US.  The average hourly rate is approximately $45 per hour.  Compared to other labor-for-hire marketplaces, Moving Help® offers the lowest price for the services they provide (see above).  In addition to their cost-effective pricing and the number of locations they offer, you can get a price quote instantly online or with their user-friendly smartphone app.

Are Moving Help® crew members bonded or insured?

Unfortunately, this is one of the disadvantages to using this service.  As a labor-only service, there are no regulations requiring them to be bonded or insured.  If you’re an apartment dweller, and your landlord or property manager requires that you use bonded movers, just inform them that you are doing this as a self-move and that you’re paying them out of your pocket to help you.

What if my belongings get damaged?

U-Haul provides you with a Payment Code that you will use when the work is completed and you’re satisfied with the job the Moving Help® crew have done.  This serves as your insurance if anything gets damaged.  The Payment Code is safe and secure and will never be given out without your permission.  This puts you in total control of everything and ensures that you’ll be satisfied with the work performed.  They cannot get paid without that code, so don’t give it to them until you are completely satisfied with everything and are certain that your belongings are safe and undamaged.

What should I do if my Moving Help® crew doesn’t show up?

It’s always best to be proactive whenever you can.  Therefore, you should contact the moving team 24 hours before they are supposed to show up and confirm the schedule.  If they fail to answer or return your call, you have the option of calling and selecting another Moving Help® service provider that will assist you on the same day you need them.  Additionally, if you’ve already paid for the service but haven’t given out the Payment Code, you have the option of applying it to the new service provider or asking for a refund should you decide to go with another labor service provider. You can always call their customer care service for more assistance.

Is it proper to tip the Moving Help® crew?

If you’re completely satisfied with the work performed and have released the Payment Code, you are encouraged to tip the Moving Help® crew.  In addition to that, you can also reward them by giving them a good review at the U-Haul website when you get a chance to do so.

Please keep in mind that All American Movers is in no way affiliated with U-Haul or Moving Help®.  We have provided this content in an effort to assist those of you who are facing an upcoming move. For other assistance in hiring our services for your move, call us today.