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Things To Ask Moving Companies Nearby

If you plan to move in few months, now is the time to approach moving companies nearby. It requires more than month-long planning. The more you wait, the more is the probability of mishaps. Keeping track of every item, packing, loading, while relocating is not a straightforward task. You miss out on one thing, and you are at a loss. Adequate planning and time management will help ease up the anxiety to a large extent. Choosing a good moving company will keep you relaxed at the last moment.

Here we talk about a few things that you should ask any moving companies nearby before hiring them.

Do you hold a moving license?

Every moving company should either hold a license issued by the country and the state. For interstate movers, getting registered by the U.S Department of Transporation would be mandatory. You can check their registration through Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to cross verify. Local movers must have a regional license. In Colorado, a household mover needs a PUC Permit.

What are your Liability Coverage options?

This is particularly important as your package may contain valuable assets that you don’t want to get misplaced or damaged during. But, if they do, how much value the moving company is going to cover? While some companies take a nominal charge for this insurance, others do it free of cost. There are two ways they do it:

  • Full Value Protection
  • Released Value Protection

Is your workforce outsourced or in-house?

The quality of the service may deplete if the workers are outsourced. Ask them if any third party is involved. You do not know if they have experience in your moving. For example, commercial or corporate moving would require different planning than residential moving. If they have the expertise, it makes your job easy.

What are the services you offer in this type of move?

Be specific with what kind of items you are moving and try to get answers to these:

  • How do they handle fragile items or electronics?
  • Do they have custom crating?
  • Do they pack for you?
  • Will they help in loading and unloading?
  • Will they help in the disassembly/assembly of parts?
  • Do they provide tracking details of moving?

How do you Break down the Cost?

Moving companies tend to charge on an hourly basis if the moving is done locally. For long-distance or interstate moving, it may be on the distance travelled. The rates may also vary with seasons and shipping weight. Once they give you an estimate, ask them to show each component of expense. For example, the shipping rate, taxes included, and so on.

Can you show Testimonials?

The easiest way o find out if the moving company is reliable is to see what other customers have to say about it. A reputed moving company won’t hesitate to show testimonials. But, of course, you can also check out online reviews.

These are some important questions that will help you compare better between multiple moving companies nearby. Good movers get booked early. So start your hunt for movers early to get the best price.