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The community of Lone Tree, CO is a home rule municipality located in the Denver South Metro area.  It is well-known for its numerous dining, health and fitness, indoor entertainment, and outdoor activity venues as well as its public transit services.  Despite its small population of slightly more than 13,000 residents (as of 2019), it’s a great place to raise a family as it has so much to offer.  Although the city continues to grow, there is often a need for a reputable and trustworthy moving company when moving to another area.  And that’s where All American Movers in Colorado can help.

What qualities separate us from our competitors?

All American Movers services in Lone Tree, CO is an award-winning moving firm that provides local and long-distance relocation assistance for business owners and homeowners alike.  We provide the highest quality commercial and residential moving services at very competitive rates.  Since establishing our company, we have continued to work extremely hard at providing the type of relocation services and solutions that every customer deserves.  With all of the moving companies located in the greater Denver area, we appreciate the opportunity to be your relocation partner.

What should you expect from All American Movers?

When it comes to helping business owners and homeowners with their relocation efforts, we understand how stressful the moving process can be.  There’s just so much to remember that it can be overwhelming.  The All American Movers process in Lone Tree, CO was designed to alleviate your stress so that you have as pleasant a moving experience as possible.  And we go an extra mile to accommodate your requirements and ensure your satisfaction. We are a full-service moving company.  What does that mean for you? It means we provide an extensive line of services including:

  • packing your belongings
  • disassembling your large furniture items
  • loading everything onto the truck (appliances, furniture, packed boxes, etc.)
  • transporting your belongings to your new location
  • unloading everything
  • assisting you with the unpacking
  • re-assembling your furniture
  • setting up your appliances
  • cleaning up and disposing of all packing materials

If needed, we can supply all packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, packing tape, etc.  Basically, the All American Movers team in Lone Tree, CO will help you with everything that is associated with your move. You can trust us as we have years of experience with all aspects of moving and have assisted homeowners and businesses relocate all over USA.

How much does it cost to hire All American Movers?

While it is difficult to give you an exact figure without conducting an in-home estimate, you can get a basic idea by calling us or clicking on our website and filling the Get a Quote link.  If you’re moving locally (within the Denver metro area), the cost will range from $200 to $500 for a 1-bedroom apartment, up to $2,000 for a 4-bedroom house.

The cost of a long-distance move for a 2 to 3-bedroom household (based on a distance of 1,000 miles) averages about $5,000.  The key difference in the cost is based on the way each type of move is charged.  In most instances, local moves of 50 miles or less are charged a flat rate or an hourly rate whereas the cost of long-distance moves are charged by the size and weight of the shipment. If you are looking for a free quote on your impending move, call us now.

What other factors can influence the cost of your move?

The key factors that influence the cost of moving are distance, moving services required, size and weight of the shipment, and the time of year you’re moving. However, there are other factors that may come into play such as:

  • 3rd party moving insurance
  • liability and valuation coverage
  • moving supplies provided by All American Movers services in Lone Tree, CO
  • packing supplies (boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.)
  • storage fees (if you arrive at your new location before it is ready for move-in)
  • travel fees

Are moving expenses tax-deductible?

According to Intuit, as of 2018, moving expenses are no longer tax-deductible unless you are an active military or a dependent or spouse and the expenses resulted from “a permanent change of station.”  However, “Colorado allows a movingexpense deduction if you file Form 104PN Part-Year Resident/Nonresident Tax Calculation Schedule 2018, and the moving expenses were for moving into Colorado, and not out of Colorado.”  Hopefully that answers your question.  Just keep in mind that All American Movers are relocation experts, not tax experts.

You may call us if you are looking for a moving service that is experienced, licensed, insured and bonded. For more information about All American Movers services in Lone Tree, CO or to have a FREE in-home estimate, contact All American Movers today.