Denver Interstate Moving Companies

Denver Interstate Moving Companies

A Basic Guide to Interstate Moving

Whether you’re moving to another state because of a career change or you decided that it’s time for a change in your life, All American Movers provides high-quality interstate moving companies in Denver.  Anytime you are relocating, it can be a challenging and demanding experience.  But when you’re moving to another state, it can be very stressful and worrisome.  From packing up your entire household to finding a home in your new location, interstate moving has a number of overwhelming obligations that you don’t have to deal with when moving locally.

How does a local or intrastate move differ from an interstate move?

There are some significant differences between local, intrastate, and interstate moves that you need to be aware of.  Understanding those differences will prepare for choosing the best interstate moving companies in Denver.  Here is a breakdown of how these three types of move differ:

Local moves – most moving companies including All American Movers consider any move of 50 miles or less as a local move.  Moving companies typically charge by the hour for these types of moves, depending on the size of your household and the total weight of your belongings.  They may add a materials and/or travel fee as well.

Intrastate moves – any move within the same state is classified as an intrastate move.  However, it’s important to note that the term “intrastate” is used to classify moves of over 50 miles in length that start and end in the same state such as moving from Denver to Grand Junction.  In larger states such as California or Texas, an intrastate move can involve a longer distance than moving from one state to another.

Interstate moves – any move that crosses one or more state lines is classified as an interstate move.  When moving from one state to another, long distance moving companies in Denver will typically charge by the total weight of your belongings.  When you take increased fuel costs and the cost of labor into consideration, you can understand why an interstate move will cost more than an intrastate or local move.

How much does an interstate move cost?

The cost of moving from one state to another largely depends on two key factors, the distance you’re moving and the total weight of your household items.  Based on the most current moving industry statistics, an interstate move of 1,200 miles and a weight of 7,500 pounds will cost an average of $5,000.  Although this may seem costly, you need to keep in mind that interstate moves tend to be the most expensive of the 3 moves listed above.

At All American Movers, the cost of moving from state to state is influenced by these three factors:

  • Distance from point of origin to final destination – on other words, moving across the country will be more expensive than moving to a bordering state
  • Total weight of your belongings – basically, the more items you are moving, the more it will cost for the move
  • Total cost of labor – labor costs typically vary from one state to the next

We understand that you may have to budget to work with and that is why we provide a written quote to eliminate any chance of misunderstandings later on. There are additional considerations that you may or may not influence the cost of your interstate move such as:

  • disassembling and reassembling furniture
  • liability insurance and valuation coverage provided by the moving company as well as additional 3rd party insurance
  • packing and unpacking services
  • storage
  • travel fees

What to look for when hiring interstate moving companies in Denver?

So how do you ensure hiring the best interstate moving company? The key is research.  Before you choose a moving company, research 4 to 6 companies so you can do an across-the-board comparison.  There are certain qualities you should look for in the decision-making process.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Ask for referrals from other family members, fellow employees, and personal friends who’ve recently hired an interstate moving company.
  • Do a Google search for reputable and trustworthy moving companies and make a list of several to shop and compare prices
  • Get FREE quotes from those companies online.
  • Last but certainly not least, schedule an in-home moving cost estimate.

At All American Movers, we feel that choosing one of the interstates moving companies in Denver should be based on what we prefer to call the “3 P’s”Precision of the move, Professionalism of the company, and the Punctuality of the movers.  We have all safety protocols in place, experienced staff and quality services to ensure that you are happy you decided to work with us. As one of the most affordable movers in the city, we offer no obligation FREE quote so call us at your earliest convenience.

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